Sometimes life can beat the dreams out of us. As the years go by, we think of our dreams and goals less and less. Until one day, we don’t think of them at all.

Now, go into the attic of your mind and dust them off. Remember the things you wanted to be or do? My dream was to be a writer. Well, okay, there were other things I wanted to be, as well. I wanted to be a jockey in the Kentucky Derby. (Here’s the deal: Don’t laugh at my dreams and I won’t laugh at yours.)

There were reasons that didn’t happen. I didn’t own a horse. I didn’t know how to ride a horse. I was a female at a time when females were not allowed to ride in the Derby. Many years later, I’m still a female, but now we can ride in any race we want. And the coup de gras? I grew too tall and weighed too much. Now admittedly, I could have done something about the weight, if I’d been into starving myself, which, I can assure you, I was not. But I couldn’t do a thing about my height. It was a done deal.

But writing? After years of getting sidetracked by life, I finally dusted off that particular dream and resurrected it. I’ve gone through many of the steps necessary to make it happen. I’m still working on other steps. I’d like to share the ride with you. Shall we carpool?

What’s your dream?